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MUSTDance Fundraiser Event

Piedmont Injury Law thanks contributors for Must Ministries Must Dance Fundraiser Thank You For Your Support at MUST Dance 2019! In addition to being an unmissable social occasion and immensely fun to participate in – my fellow dancers really were some of the most friendly and supportive people you could ever hope to meet, and […]

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Did You Have Blast at BASSH! 2019?

Piedmont Injury Law hosted a fun Cobb County business association networking and community event at Swift Cantrell Park in Kennesaw Did You Have a BLAST at BASSH!? On July 26th at Swift-Cantrell Park in Kennesaw, a new institution was born! We brought people together from all over the community for a family-friendly field day centered […]

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How Much Does Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Piedmont Injury Law is paid when we win your case after you have been seriously injured in an accident We handle every injury case for a fee that is contingent on our winning your case. Our fee is a percentage of whatever amount we are able to recover for you. This value-based system guarantees that […]

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What is a “Slip & Fall” Case?

  We all understand the concept of duty. Parents have duties toward their children, children toward their parents, husbands and wives have duties toward each other, and anytime you take a job you agree to undertake certain duties. While some duties are prominent and obvious, others sit in the background, almost invisible. For example, everybody […]

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What We Are Up To!

Piedmont Injury Law hosts first chiropractic seminar for CE credits in Marietta at the Mansour Center This past weekend we did something new: We held an educational event for the chiropractic community, at the Mansour Center in Marietta. Through the years we have met and worked with many chiropractors, who have been tremendously helpful to […]

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Wrongful Death

Personal Injury Attorney at Piedmont Injury Law Defines Wrongful Death Addressing a sensitive topic like wrongful death in a newsletter like this is a challenge. My tendency is to keep some levity in whatever I write – but of course there is nothing funny about the untimely death of a loved one. I firmly hope […]

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