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What is Negligence?

We all understand the concept of duty. Parents have duties toward their children, children toward their parents, husbands and wives have duties toward each other, and anytime you take a job you agree to undertake certain duties. While some duties are prominent and obvious, others sit in the background, almost invisible. For example, everybody has […]

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Sharing Risks

Enough cases have come through our door arising from wrecks involving ride-sharing services that it’s time to talk about how these cases can differ from more common cases where all the drivers are driving their own cars. We have represented people in all three categories found in ride-sharing cases – drivers, customers, and third parties. […]

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What Should I Do After A Car Wreck?

Being in a wreck is frightening, painful, and disorienting. Most people have trouble thinking clearly and protecting their own interests in the immediate aftermath of a car wreck. If you have been seriously injured, even your life may be in someone else’s hands. I work with these cases for a living, and when I got […]

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