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How Much Does Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Piedmont Injury Law is paid when we win your case after you have been seriously injured in an accident

We handle every injury case for a fee that is contingent on our winning your case. Our fee is a percentage of whatever amount we are able to recover for you. This value-based system guarantees that you only pay for success and can pursue your claims without having to risk a lot of money to pay for a lawyer.

Bar rules governing contingent fees require that the client remain responsible for all costs incurred, and that only the attorney fees be contingent on the outcome of the case. However, those costs would generally be the same whether you hired an attorney or not.

Hiring Piedmont Injury Law Saves You Time and Stress While Adding on average four times the value to your case

In the end, an attorney can save you a great deal of time and stress while adding tremendous value to your case, all without costing you anything unless and until you collect on your claim. The contingent fee is the ultimate guarantee of your satisfaction, as the attorney gets paid only if you win your case.

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