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What Apps Can Help Truck Drivers Avoid Accidents? 3 Recommendations from a Marietta Personal-Injury Attorney

It should come as no surprise that trucking is one of the deadliest industries in the United States – second only to construction. Navigating a large, heavy vehicle over busy, unfamiliar highways through night and day, rain and snow – it’s no wonder that there were an estimated 342,000 large truck accidents in 2013.

Worse yet, nearly 4,000 people died in those crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Large Truck Accident Causation Study found that the vast majority of truck crashes are caused by driver errors. In light of this research, tech companies have been exploring ways to make truck drivers’ jobs safer and easier. Today, new apps are helping truckers avoid accidents and injuries.

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Let’s take a look at three trucking apps that are saving lives:

  1. CoPilot Live Truck

This app does exactly what it says, offering a virtual copilot right from your smartphone. You will have to enter your details and those of your vehicle for best results.

The app will use your phone’s GPS to guide you through reliable, truck-ready routes to ensure you get to your destination on time and in one piece.

The best part? You can go into as much detail as you like: The app will suggest the safest legal routes based on the height, length and weight of your truck, and the load you are carrying, steering clear of low-clearance and weight-restricted roads. This way, you can customize your preferred route to avoid doubling back or wasting time by going out of your way.

  1. tpMobile for Xata Turnpike

Think of this app as a live rulebook on your passenger seat, warning you of any compliance violations, engine problems or upcoming safety hazards. It will track your hours behind the wheel, fuel economy and braking patterns so you can stay focused on the road ahead.

With 24-hour access to the FMCSA and the Department of Transportation databases, the app is equipped to warn you of any fault codes as they arise. Its interface is also very intuitive so you won’t be caught tapping your screen while driving.

  1. Trucker Tools

One app, dozens of features – and it’s free. The Routing and Fuel Optimizer gives you turn-by-turn directions to the closest, cheapest truck stops along your route, with real-time monitoring of opening hours and parking spaces so you can plan your trip accordingly without driving blind.

The app also comes with a built-in Load Track option, which allows shippers and dispatch to keep an eye on a truck’s progress. Notifications will be sent by SMS when the truck departs and once it has arrived safely at its destination.

No matter how responsible you are behind the wheel, every driver is at risk when they hit the road. If you were injured in a truck accident in Georgia, contact a Marietta personal-injury attorney from The Crosson Law Group, LLC.

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