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Marietta Accident Attorney Reveals 5 Ways to Collect Evidence after a Collision

If an accident injures you and you decide to file a lawsuit for damages, it is imperative that you can support your claim with evidence. As the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles explains, strong evidence will validate your claim and improve your position during the settlement negotiation and potential litigation.

If another person’s negligence resulted in your injury, then you may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost income and emotional distress. However, every case is unique, and if the other party intends to deny liability, then you may be in for a legally complex court battle.

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Until then, these five tips will help you gather strong evidence for your claim:

  1. Record Notes about the Incident

It is crucial that you record every detail that you can remember about the accident. If you are able to, jot down a few notes while at the scene. If your injury prevents this, then record the details as soon as you are able.

  1. Go Back to the Accident Scene

It is important to strengthen your evidence with photographs from the accident scene. However, injuries require immediate attention, so it is not always possible to take pictures.

Regardless of whether or not you take photos, you should return later to look for additional evidence. A dirty traffic sign or an object in the road may have contributed to the crash.

  1. Secure Your Evidence

It is of paramount importance that you preserve all of your evidence. You will need it for negotiations. This includes photographs, medical records, expense lists, torn clothes and damaged property. If possible, keep all items that you find for evidence. If not, then photograph them.

  1. Contact Witnesses

It is crucial that you gather the contact details of every witness at the accident scene. Few people are in a position to take long statements from bystanders when they are in shock and dealing with catastrophic injuries. However, you should get in touch with them as soon as you are able. It is crucial that you get their versions of events on paper while they still remember the accident’s details.

  1. Document Your Injuries

To support you claim, you must provide comprehensive information about the extent of your injuries. Photograph every scrape, broken bone and bruise.

It is also crucial that you seek medical attention quickly; otherwise, the other party may argue that your injuries are not serious. A doctor’s record can evidence the extent of your injuries, and the health-care bill can help your attorney quantify the damages.

Without the right evidence, it may be difficult for you to negotiate for a fair settlement. In fact, the defendant may offer a small amount in comparison to your actual losses – or nothing at all. Following these five steps will give you the necessary evidence to support your claim.

Even if negligence seems obvious, though, winning an injury lawsuit is a challenging endeavor. Plaintiffs often make mistakes that compromise their interests, and without the guidance of an accident attorney, crash victims may claim an amount that is far lower than the compensation they deserve.

If your injury happened in Georgia, call The Crosson Law Group, LLC at 678-909-0770 for a free consultation with a Marietta accident lawyer.