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4 Tips to Help Senior Citizens Drive Safely – Advice from a Marietta Accident Attorney

The aging process can have adverse effects on a person’s driving skill. Vision problems, slower reaction time, and certain medications can increase the likelihood of accidents.

This is why approximately 586 elderly drivers sustained injuries in crashes every day in 2012, according to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fortunately, there are steps that senior citizens can take to improve or maintain their safe driving skills:

  1. Get fit;
  2. Test your ears and eyes;
  3. Avoid rush hour traffic;
  4. And manage your medical concerns.

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Here are four tips to help senior citizens drive safely:

  1. Get Fit

A healthy exercise routine can improve your physical and mental faculties, which directly affect your driving skill. In particular, elderly drivers tend to be less flexible, which can lead to problems when changing gears, turning the steering wheel, and checking blind spots.

Exercise can also improve your reaction time to unexpected hazards. According to Mayo Clinic, the best way to enhance your fitness is to make exercise part of your daily schedule. Walking, stretching, and simple strength training can have substantial benefits.

  1. Test Your Ears and Eyes

Drivers between the ages 55 and 64 should undergo hearing and vision tests at least once every one to two years. If you are older than 65, you should schedule these tests every six to 12 months. Wearing the proper hearing aids and glasses can do wonders for your driving safety.

  1. Avoid Rush Hour Traffic

Traffic congestion increases the likelihood of accidents for drivers of all ages. Senior citizens who have slower reaction time, vision problems, or flexibility issues may find it challenging to navigate bumper-to-bumper gridlock. Try to schedule your commutes during off-peak hours.

  1. Manage Your Medical Concerns

If you have medical conditions that could affect your driving, then you should not operate a vehicle without your doctor’s approval. Also, do not take medications that cause drowsiness before you get behind the wheel. If you are taking a new medicine, do not drive until you know how it affects your coordination, response time, and energy levels.

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