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6 Common Truck Wreck Injuries – Marietta Accident Lawyer Investigates

Commercial truck accidents are more common than most people realize. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were more than 4,000 fatal crashes involving large trucks and busses in 2014. Over the last 10 years, there have been 73,000 trucks involved in injury crashes across the country.

Due to their size and weight, trucks can cleave a path of destruction, and occupants of passenger vehicles usually suffer the worst of the impact. If you were injured due to a reckless or negligent truck driver, then you may be entitled to compensation for health-care bills, lost income and other damages.

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Here are the six most common types of injuries in truck accidents:

  1. Serious Lacerations and Cuts

Serious cuts and lacerations are common in truck accidents. These can cause significant pain for the victim – even if they are not life threatening. Severe lacerations can cause scarring and may require extensive medical treatment and recovery time.

  1. Abdominal Injuries

According to the National Institutes of Health, serious abdominal injuries are common in car and truck accidents. They are also a leading cause of truck accident fatalities.

A serious abdominal injury can cause damage to internal organs such as the kidney, liver, pancreas and spleen. These injuries may not be immediately noticeable, and they are often difficult to treat.

  1. Fractures

The force of impact in a truck accident can cause bone breaks and fractures. These can be severely painful and expensive to treat. They can also prevent the victim from returning to work.

  1. Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is one of the most important – and sensitive – regions of the body. The force of a truck accident can cause serious damage, which can lead to lifelong disabilities. Spinal injuries may not be immediately apparent, which is why all accident victims should seek immediate medical care, even if they do not notice symptoms.

  1. Limb Amputations

Serious truck accidents often result in the amputation of a limb. This may happen in the course of the accident, or doctors may need to remove a limb surgically in order to save the victim’s life. Losing a limb is a traumatic event that can prevent the victim from enjoying an active lifestyle.

  1. Neck and Head Injuries

Many truck accident victims sustain injuries to the neck and head. Even a mild concussion can have serious consequences. Traumatic brain injuries can result in permanent damage.

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