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Marietta Injury Lawyer Reveals 5 Safety Tips for New Drivers

Inexperienced drivers are at a high risk of causing accidents. They also lack the skills to notice and avoid certain hazards.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car crashes kill more teens than any other factor. Male teens are twice as likely to wreck as females.

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  1. Do not use your cell phone.

Thousands of Americans die every year because cell phones are so distracting, and teens are involved in a significant portion of these accidents. It is illegal for novice drivers to use a cell phone behind the wheel, as Distraction.gov explains, and it is illegal for adults to text. You can avoid causing these crashes by putting your cell phone in the trunk or glove box before you start the vehicle.

  1. Turn on your headlights.

Headlights are crucial at night because they make you more noticeable to others and improve your visibility. They highlight oncoming hazards so you can react in time to avoid them.

While compulsory at night, headlights can also improve visibility in bad weather. If you ever feel insecure behind the wheel, switching on your headlights may help.

  1. Obey traffic laws.

Traffic rules are in place to create a predictable order to the road. It is important that you obey them, especially if you are inexperienced. If you break a traffic law, you may face criminal penalties, and if your transgression injures another person, then you could face a lawsuit.

  1. Do not drive with passengers.

Passengers are leading distractions for drivers. They are responsible for 5 percent of all distracted driving deaths.

New drivers should not transport passengers for the first six months – and longer if necessary. As your ability and confidence grow, you can slowly add passengers, but make sure they wear seatbelts and occupy themselves quietly.

  1. Drive defensively.

Defensive driving means anticipating the actions of other motorists, maintaining appropriate following distances, and avoiding dangerous situations. Defensive driving techniques lower the risk of an accident significantly. Do not take risks such as weaving between cars at a high speed. Your top priority is the safety of yourself and other road users.

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