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9 Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating a Settlement – Advice from a Marietta Car Wreck Lawyer

The process of settling a personal-injury claim is often lengthy and complex – even with a car wreck lawyer representing your interests. Many crash victims accidentally imply partial fault, which can make recovering a fair amount of compensation difficult.

If you were injured by a negligent driver in Georgia, then contact a Marietta accident attorney from the Crosson Law Group, LLC at 678-909-0770. Until then, read on to learn nine mistakes to avoid during the settlement process:

  1. Being Too Friendly

It is important to remain polite throughout negotiations, but this does not include deference. Remain firm and businesslike at all times, using a firm tone that believes the truth of your claim.

  1. Giving Recorded Statements

Giving a recorded statement can be unwise, especially if you do not have an accident attorney to protect your interests. Insurance adjusters may ask leading questions to get you to admit partial or complete fault, and if those statements are recorded, then you could harm your case.

  1. Saying Too Much

When people try to explain themselves, they often say too much. If your explanation is full of opinion, then you may contradict the facts of your case. Only discuss basic facts, such as the accident’s time, date and location. Include your personal details, but leave out any opinions or potentially harmful explanations.

  1. Exaggerating or Lying

If the insurance adjuster catches you exaggerating or lying, then you will immediately lose all of your credibility. This will cast doubt on everything that you say.

  1. Providing Your Social Security Number

The insurance adjuster may ask for your Social Security number, but this is not actually necessary. If you give this information, then you will give the insurance adjuster access to your personal details, such as financial records, which he or she can use to find information to use against you.

  1. Disclosing Pre-Existing Injuries Prematurely

It is paramount that you are honest about pre-existing injuries, but you should only disclose them after a medical evaluation. If the accident aggravated an existing injury, then you may still be entitled to compensation.

  1. Giving Irrelevant Contact Details

Settling a personal-injury claim does not require the names of friends, family members or colleagues. If you give an adjuster these details, then he or she may harass these people for information, trying to find someone to corroborate your “dishonesty” or worse.

  1. Assuming a Settlement

While most personal-injury claims settle out of court, you should never assume this from the outset. Your case may need to go to trial, and you should make early preparations for this.

  1. Giving an Answer to Every Question

You do not have to answer every question. If you do not have the answer or honestly cannot remember, then say this. You can always look for the answer later, but to be in a strong negotiating position, you should avoid providing incorrect information.

If you were injured due to another person’s negligence in Georgia, then contact a Marietta car wreck lawyer from the Crosson Law Group, LLC. Call us today at 678-909-0770 to schedule a consultation.