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Case Study: They’ve Gone to Plaid!

Personal injury cases can take a long time. Clients, who typically have no experience with litigation, usually perceive the normal lifecycle of a lawsuit as an agonizingly long haul. Even when we are able to move a case through the courts much more quickly than usual, the process can seem endless. Recently, and despite my […]

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What Is My Car Accident Injury Case Worth? Marietta Personal-Injury Lawyer Insights

Despite recent advancements in vehicle safety technology, deadly car accidents are actually on the rise. Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows a 7.7-percent increase in road fatalities in 2015 – with an estimated 35,200 deaths. […]

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What Apps Can Help Truck Drivers Avoid Accidents? 3 Recommendations from a Marietta Personal-Injury Attorney

It should come as no surprise that trucking is one of the deadliest industries in the United States – second only to construction. Navigating a large, heavy vehicle over busy, unfamiliar highways through night and day, rain and snow – it’s no wonder that there were an estimated 342,000 large truck accidents in 2013. […]

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